Génerale de courtage d'assurance

A silent force in Togo since 2000, Générale de Courtage d’Assurance (GCA), specialized in risks management, healthcare cost management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage, owes its longevity to the trust given by its clients throughout these years.

Resolutely committed to achieving optimal quality in its service deliveries, GCA has adopted a new policy which is focused on the marketing of insurance products in relation to the protection of assets, civil and personal liabilities.

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Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to develop and provide solutions and deliver services destined to boost the success of our clients as we guaranty a constant presence by their side.

Our objective

Our objective

To be the top-notch reference in the market where we operate. We are constantly searching for the best quality in terms of risk control process for our clients



Located in 27 African countries, GCA’s clients and partners are also found in France and in Switzerland. We work in strong partnerships with clients, collaborators and actors in the market.

GCA covers all the field of insurance

For the protection of your property (Multi-risk damage, Machinery breakdown, Trial fitting, Operational losses, transported goods, Computer frauds, Credit insurance, Vehicle fleets…)

Of your civil liabilities (Professional’, Artisans’, Traders’, Social Representatives’, Products’ liabilities…)

Your Staff (Individual, Accidents, Health Insurance, Provision, Retirement, Funerals, end of career allowances….)

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Risks Management 

Healthcare cost Management 

Insurance and reinsurance brokerage

Considered as a privileged partner of the most important national and international insurance companies, GCA portrays modernity by subscribing to a new vision and a new dynamics.

This position enables us to cover all the aspect of our job with all rigour and to reach even the most vulnerable targets.

Our types of insurance services

We market all insurance products which protect your assets, your civil liabilities and the liabilities of your staff.

Policy management and assistance in disaster

Tasks itself to permanently support its client right from the elaboration

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Insurances audit and risks identification

Carries out the situational analysis, assesses the risks and the possible insurance

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Drafting and selling insurance policies

Analyses the insurance needs of the client and proceeds to draft

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